Rubber Grip

is a disposable razor with rubber grip handle that gives you a close, comfortable shave with superior control.

• Rubberized handle allows a better grip, especially when wet
• Longer handle length offers even greater control
• Twin blades and lubricating strip provide shave closeness and comfort

• Flow through design keeps the blades cleaner for a smoother shave
• Available in both pivot and fixed cartridges



Packing Material: Poly bag
Razors Per Pack: 5
Packs Per Inner Case: 12
Packs Per Outer Case: 72
Dimensions (mm) Inner Case: 235 x 197 x 135
Dimensions (mm) Inner Case: 405 x 245 x 420
Weight (gr) Inner Case:
Weight (gr) Outer Case: 4000

Packing Material: Hanger card
Razors Per Pack: 24
Packs Per Inner Case: 6
Packs Per Outer Case: 24
Dimensions (mm) Inner Case: 330 x 265 x 210
Dimensions (mm) Outer Case: 540 x 340 x 430
Weight (gr) Inner Case
Weight (gr) Outer Case: 8800

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